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Learn about Susan’s New Home and Business

Please help Susan and her family buy or build a new home and start a sewing business.

Susan’s living conditions:
Susan and her family have been living in an unsafe nipa hut that is about to collapse due to severe storms (last big one was Typhoon Ulysses on November 11 and 12 2020) and a termite infestation that is eating away at the foundation of the hut. The nipa hut they have been living in for 16 years is now beyond repair and they do not have enough money to build or buy a new house. The nipa hut also floods with every large storm making the living conditions bad for their health. They are in a situation where their house will collapse during the next big storm (confirmed by a local builder) and storm season has just arrived in the Philippines. 

Unemployment and health issues:
The little money they do have which is given to her from her 3 boys (one working on a farm) is only enough to cover food and expenses to live each month. Her husband has a long-term illness (TB) and is unable to work at the moment due to his weak health condition – he would usually work on the farms. Susan also has no work due to the Covid-19 pandemic – she is a seamstress by trade. 

The situation in the Philippines:
The Philippines is experiencing a massive housing crisis as well as extreme poverty – something which the government is battling to deal with. 

Susan is keen to start a small sewing business:
Susan has had a very difficult life but her incredibly strong faith in God has pushed her through. She learned how to sew at a young age and believes she can make a business out of her sewing skills if she only had an overlocker sewing machine and some money for materials and threads etc. she believes that she can make enough money to try and sustain the basic needs of her family. Her one son could start a taxi business if he had his own bike with a sidecar – it would also help the family with transportation. 

We need your help:
Susan and her family don’t have the capacity and funds to rebuild their house or buy a new one and this is what we here at Crisis Funds are trying to help her and her family with. Susan would love to have the equipment and materials to be able to provide for her family and having a house that is safe from the seasonal storms would improve her and her family’s lives forever in a way she can’t even imagine. 

Please help donate to Susan’s cause:
We are looking to buy her the following with the donations:
-An overlocker sewing machine with all accessories and materials to start her business
-A Motorbike with a sidecar so one of her sons can start a taxi business
-Either buy land and build a new home or buy a house already built
-Furnish the house and provide all the necessary items such as food, bedding, sofa, refrigerator etc. 
-Any money leftover or if the donations exceed the amount we are looking to raise will also go directly to Susan for her to save, invest, help her pay for bills, help her children with education or whatever she decides to do with the money. 

She would appreciate anything you could spare to help her and her family change their lives forever. 

*Susan and her family’s cause has been confirmed and verified by our Crisis Funds representative on the ground living in the Philippines and the rest of our team down there – this is a genuine cause and a plea for help from a genuinely lovely lady who just wants the chance to work and provide for her family and a safe place for them to live. Anything you could spare will go a long way. Thank you, Tracy Williams, Crisis Funds.

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